28 January 2008

Noticias en el extranjero

Así se han reportado algunos de los casos de linchamiento en periódicos de habla inglesa.

“Lynchings of suspected gang members or petty thieves have become common, especially in indigenous areas of the country. Fed up with an inept and corrupt police force, Guatemalans are increasingly taking the law into their own hands. It is their own form of social cleansing.”

Guatemala's gruesome cleansing of the streets; Police death squads, public lynchings and vigilante groups take a brutal toll on the country's teeming poor and other 'undesirables'

By Gary Mason
The Globe and Mail (Canada), p. A3
January 11, 2008 Friday

“In far-flung rural areas, meanwhile, so strong is the hysteria about child-stealing gangs that there have been dozens of lynchings of suspected baby thieves - although the victims have often simply been outsiders, not known in the remote villages.”

Child-snatchers plague Guatemala as US couples flock to adopt babies

By Philip Sherwell
The Sunday Telegraph (London), p. 28
September 2, 2007 Sunday

As well as death squads, whole communities are handing out vigilante justice.

A year ago in the small town of Palin, just outside the city, three gang members were beaten and then burnt to death. More than a thousand people, including women and children, took part. After the lynching, the community formed its own protection group, which now patrols the streets every night, armed with guns and machetes.

"The community was forced to act. Crimes don't get investigated here," said Jose Dario Lopez, head of the protection group. "The lynching sent out a pretty strong message."

Death squads for hire as citizens tackle gang rule

By Ramita Navai
The Times (London), p. 52
November 3, 2006, Friday

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